Warwick Physics Colloquium: Wednesday 15th January 2020.

Roger Penrose, University of Oxford

Title: Wave-function Collapse: Resolving a Tension between General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.

Abstract:   The foundation stone of general relativity is the Galilei-Einstein principle of equivalence, according to which a uniform gravitational field is physically equivalent to an acceleration. However, when applied to quantum states, we find that the two descriptions involve different vacua. This becomes problematic when different gravitational fields are in quantum superposition, and a tension arises that appears to demand a limited lifetime for such superpositions. Implications of this conclusion will be discussed and suggestions as to how to proceed will be given.

4.30pm Wednesday 15th January 2020 in Lecture Room 3 (L3)

4pm: Refreshments on the Science Concourse

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In April 2019 we held the MaQS Workshop in Imperial College London. The slides from the speakers are here.


In January 2019 we met in the Oxford University Physics Department: